Tech getting you down? Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or expertise to maintain your online presence.

Running a business can take up a lot of time, leaving many tasks unfinished or put on the shelf for later.

Having a professional maintain your website can have distinct advantages:

  • Provides updated content for your visitors to keep them coming back
  • Provides important resources to customers that tie in with current business strategies
  • Fresh content keeps search engines coming back
  • Shows your customers that you care about how you are perceived by them
  • Frees up your time to focus on other important business issues

Visitors can get a good idea of how you run your business in about 10 seconds after your site loads. If your website is poorly designed or out of date, this reflects poorly on you, both as an individual and as a company.

It takes no time to click the BACK button from a search engine results page! Don’t risk it; set up a website maintenance agreement today.

Site maintenance services start at $75 per month and include the following:

  • Ongoing backups (stored offsite in case of a server meltdown)
  • Daily malware scans and cleanup if needed
  • Host-to-host transfers
  • Updates to plugins, themes, and WordPress core
  • General troubleshooting if something goes wrong
  • Uptime monitoring
  • SSL certificate installation

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